West Malaysian Registered Vehicles, Cars & Motorcycles

Before entering Singapore, please ensure that you have:

Ensure that all travellers in your vehicle are carrying valid passports. You must also not bring any prohibited and controlled items into Singapore.

Do I need to pay any toll, vehicle entry permit fees or reciprocal road charge?

Yes. The toll charges are calculated based on the type of vehicle and the  checkpoint used. Vehicle Entry Permit fees are calculated based on the type of vehicle, the day and time you enter and leave Singapore. The Reciprocal Road Charge applies to all foreign-registered cars on a per-entry basis when they enter Singapore via the Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoint.

Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) Fees, Toll Charges & Reciprocal Road Charge
Calculate my VEP Fees, Toll Charges & Reciprocal Road Charge

What do I do at the checkpoint?

When you drive through the Checkpoint, insert your Autopass Card into the card reader installed at the immigration booths to register your vehicle's entry and exit records.

    Autopass card reader

Motorists are advised to familiarise themselves with payments of fees and charges when using the checkpoints. You can approach our officers for assistance at any of the VEP/ Toll offices at the checkpoints. Please note that a fine of up to S$1,000 may be imposed if fees and charges are not deducted at the immigration booths.

It is an offence if you:

  • drive into Singapore without an Autopass Card for your vehicle
  • use an Autopass Card belonging to another foreign-registered vehicle in Singapore
  • did not insert your Autopass Card into the card reader in the immigration booth upon entry and exit
  • use a CashCard/ local CEPAS card to register your entry/exit records or for toll/ VEP payment


Who is allowed to use and keep a foreign-registered vehicle?

You are not allowed to use or keep any foreign-registered vehicles in Singapore if you are a:

  • Singapore Citizen
  • Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)
  • Resident of Singapore
  • Long Term Visit Pass Holder or Dependant Pass Holder
  • Work Pass Holder who is also a resident of Singapore
  • Student Pass Holder
  • Training Employment Pass or Work Holiday Pass

However, any person who holds a Work Pass issued by Ministry of Manpower, who is also not a resident of Singapore, may drive a foreign-registered vehicle in Singapore only if ALL these conditions are met:

  • He is the registered owner of the vehicle.
  • He resides outside Singapore.
  • He has a valid insurance certificate and road tax to use the vehicle on Singapore roads.
  • The vehicle is kept or used outside Singapore for a total period of 6 hours or more every day.
  • The vehicle has an Autopass Card to validate its entry/ exit at Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints and to pay for VEP/ toll charges.