SMART MOBILITY 2030 - Singapore ITS Strategic Plan


The Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) has played an important role in enhancing commuters’ travelling experiences in Singapore. The increasing vehicle population in the land scarce city-state, coupled with the changing social, economic and technological landscapes have brought about new transportation challenges. At the same time, they have also brought forth new opportunities for growth and breakthrough in transportation technologies applications and solutions.

Smart Mobility 2030 is jointly developed by LTA and the Intelligent Transportation Society Singapore (ITSS). It consolidates the perspectives from the Authority and the industry, paving the way for a more comprehensive and sustainable ITS ecosystem in Singapore in the coming years till 2030.

Smart Mobility 2030 outlines the broad strategies that are essential for the successful implementation of ITS initiatives and charts the key focal areas to meet transport challenges in a systematic and coordinated manner for a smarter future urban mobility.

ITS Vision

Singapore’s ITS vision is “Moving towards a more connected and interactive land transport community”. This ITS vision aims to shape Singapore into a highly-integrated, lively and more inclusive community where people enjoy high quality of life.

Key Strategies and Focal Areas

To realise this ITS vision, three key strategies and four focal areas have been identified to help steer Singapore towards achieving it.

3 key strategies

The 3 Key Strategies are:

1st Strategy
– Implement innovative and sustainable smart mobility solutions

2nd Strategy
– Develop and adopt ITS standards

3rd Strategy
– Establish close partnerships and co-creation

The four Focal areas are Informative, Interactive, Assistive and Green Mobility.

4 focal areas

Realizing the ITS Vision

The Smart Mobility 2030 outlines the vision, key strategies and focal areas of Singapore’s ITS in the coming years. Through this plan, efforts among the different ITS stakeholders in Singapore can dovetail and culminate in innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet Singapore’s current and future transport challenges.

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