Singapore Autonomous Vehicle Initiative

Singapore Autonomous Vehicle Initiative (SAVI) is a joint partnership between LTA and A*STAR to provide a technical platform for industry partners and stakeholders to conduct research and development (R&D) and test-bedding of AV technology, applications and solutions.

One of the focus areas under SAVI is to prepare technical and statutory requirements for future deployment of AVs in Singapore. Demarcated routes in one-north have been identified by LTA and JTC to support the testing of AVs by interested parties.

Autonomous Vehicles (AV) Test Bed @ one-north

Test bed @ One-North
Image source: JTC

The test-bed serves as a proof-of-concept for AV testing, paving the way for future test-sites and deployment of AVs.

LTA and JTC Corporation (JTC) have drawn up a specific set of requirements which interested applicants are required to adhere to when conducting on-road testing at one-north.