Overview of Vehicle Registration

All motor vehicles in Singapore must be registered with LTA before they can be driven on the public roads.

Brand New Vehicles

Your vehicle will be classified as brand new at registration if:

  • it was imported into Singapore directly from the vehicle manufacturer; or
  • it was registered as a new vehicle in a foreign country which adopts a higher or equivalent safety and emission standard as Singapore such as the European Community (EC) countries.  The vehicle must be de-registered within 14 days of its registration in the foreign country for export to Singapore, and must arrive in Singapore within 3 months of its de-registration overseas.

Imported Used Vehicles

Only imported used vehicles that are less than 3 years of age can be registered in Singapore.

A surcharge of S$10,000 is payable on top of the Quota Premium (for a Certificate of Entitlement) and registration taxes and fees at registration.

The age of a used vehicle is determined by the date the vehicle was first registered in a foreign country.

If the first registration date of the vehicle cannot be ascertained, then the age of the vehicle will be determined by the first day of its manufacture. 

Why do I need to register my vehicle?

Registration recognises you as the owner of your vehicle.

As a registered owner of the vehicle, you are responsible for the payment of vehicle-related fees, taxes & licensing, and ensure roadworthiness of your vehicle.

It is required by law that all motor vehicles in Singapore must be registered with LTA.

Where can I keep My vehicle while pending registration from lta?

Pending approval for its registration, please do not keep, use or allow the use of the vehicle on public roads.

Who can register my vehicle?

If you've purchased a vehicle from a local motor dealer, the dealer typically takes care of the registration paperwork on your behalf. You can also register your vehicle yourself.

What are the technical requirements for registration?

All vehicles must comply with the following Rules under the Road Traffic Act:

  • Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Construction & Use) Rules
  • Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Lighting) Rules
  • Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Seat Belt) Rules

The National Environment Agency (NEA) also requires:

  • all petrol-driven vehicles to comply with Euro 4 exhaust emission standards
  • all diesel-driven vehicles to comply with Euro 5 exhaust emission standards
  • all motorcycles or scooters to comply with Euro 3 exhaust emission standards
  • all vehicles to have asbestos-free brake and clutch linings

Read more about Technical Requirements at ONE.MOTORING.

Where can I register my vehicle?

You can get a local motor dealer to register your vehicle through LTA’s e-Service on your behalf.

You can also register the vehicle yourself at LTA Customer Service Centre at 10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575701.  An administrative fee of S$25 (before GST) will be charged for each vehicle registered at the Customer Service Centre.