Building Challenges

Building the 5-km expressway will be one of LTA's most technically challenging projects to date.

Building on Toothpaste and Peanut Butter

The team has to work in difficult soil conditions in marine clay as deep as 60m. The team is also reclaiming an additional 13.1 hectares of land – about 12 football fields – at Marina Wharf and Marina East to create new land space for construction of the expressway.

A Tunnel Below the Sea

Building out in the open sea as opposed to the sheltered waters of the river is naturally tougher. With tidal conditions and the undersea tunnel just 150m from the Marina Barrage, water diversion is necessary. 

LTA ensures that MCE construction still protects our water resources through
good planning, implementation of good practices and efficient labour.

Constructing the Undersea Tunnel

Think extreme engineering and mega structure. Singapore’s first road tunnel under the sea is a major construction challenge. The 420m tunnel runs 20m below mean sea level and work will be conducted in 2 stages to avoid disrupting daily on-goings at the Marina Barrage.

A Tunnel Above an MRT Line

At the Marina South section of the MCE, the tunnel will run above the new North-South Line Extension (NSLe) which is expected to be completed by 2014. As part of the MCE construction, the team will build a 280m section of the NSLe tunnel directly under the MCE tunnel.