New Link Road at Punggol

Punggol New Link Road Map

The new link road connecting Punggol Central to KPE and TPE(PIE) will open on 25 November 2018, from 4.00pm. 

The new link road, which is part of expansion of the KPE/TPE interchange will provide motorists with an alternative route between Punggol Central and KPE, and TPE(PIE). It will help to alleviate the current traffic congestion along Punggol East and along Punggol Road / Punggol Way via TPE(PIE) as motorists make their way from Punggol Town to KPE(ECP) and TPE(PIE) during the morning peak. Likewise, motorists returning to Punggol town from KPE(TPE) can use the new link road to access Punggol Central directly without having to go through TPE(SLE) and Punggol Road / Punggol Way during the evening peak.

For more information on changes to roads, refer to our traffic advisory here.

Directional Videos

Check out the short videos below to help you navigate the new roads better. 

Travel Route Guide - Punggol Central to KPE(ECP) and TPE(PIE) via the new link road


Travel Route Guide - KPE(TPE) to Punggol Central and Lorong Halus via the new link road