Tanah Merah Coast Road


The extension of Tanah Merah Coast Road and a new three-lane road to link to Aviation Park Road has opened on 22 April 2017 (Saturday) at 7pm.

The existing Changi Coast Road will be closed to allow for the development works for Changi Airport Runway 2 and the new Terminal 5.


The Tanah Merah Coast Road On-Road Cycling Lane

The on-road cycling lane is one-way, and will feature new markings and elements such as:

  • An approximately 2m-wide cycling lane. Cyclists logos, arrows and rasied profile chevron markings demarcate the on-road cycling lane from the vehicular carriageway.
  • TMCR_Cycling Lane

    Artist Impression of the on-road cycling lane

    TMCR_Cycling Lane_2

    Tanah Merah Coast Road on-road cycling lane

  • Solar light studs alert cyclists and motorists that they are approaching a transition zone. Cyclists and motorists should slow down and look out for one another at the transition zones. These are denoted by the red transverse markings, before and after minor access points and signalised road junctions. 
  • TMCR_Lights2

    Artist Impression of red transverse markings and solar light studs


    Red transverse markings before and after minor accesses and signalised junctions


    Solar light studs before red transverse markings

  • The on-road cycling lane runs behind bus stops on raised islands. 'Slow' and 'Look' markings remind cyclists and pedestrians to slow  down and look out for one another.
  • bus stop 2

    Artist impression of cycling lane running behind bus stop

    bus stop 3

    Cycling lane running behind bus stop

    As the on-road cycling lane is considered part of the road, users of personal mobility devices (PMDs) and pedestrians are not allowed on it.

    To keep the road safe for all users, motorists and cyclists should follow the rules and Highway Code of Conduct - to keep within their lanes, slow down and look out for one another.

    Recreational cyclists are advised to use the park connector (PCN) running along Tanah Merah Coast Road instead of the on-road cycling lane.


    PCN along Tanah Merah Coast Road

    Video: Learn more about the different scenarios that motorists and cyclists may encounter and the behaviour they should observe when sharing the road. 

Motorists are advised to follow directional signs on site to help them navigate to their destinations.

Press Release: Extended Tanah Merah Coast Road to open on 22 April 2017
See Rules and Code of Conduct for Cyclists
See Rules and Code of Conduct for Motorists
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