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About LTA Cares Fund

The LTA Cares Fund is a charity fund created to specifically cater to the transport needs of working adults and students who are financially and physically disadvantaged. 

Even as LTA works to improve accessibility to public transport for commuters with diverse needs, there is still a group of physically challenged commuters who are unable to take advantage of our measures and initiatives. They include those with brittle bone disordered, or who are vulnerable to sudden jerks, as well as quadriplegic patients. As they depend largely on taxi services to be able to work and socialise like anyone else, those among them who are financially disadvantage are strained on their limited budgets.

With the Fund, LTA will work with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) to make commuting possible for, and appropriate transportation accessible to, this group of commuters. Since 2007, LTA together with the partners and staff have contributed more than $2,600,000 for the Fund.

Part of the proceeds raised from the awards ceremony night will be donated to the Fund.