Walk Cycle Ride

Walk Cycle Ride

Walk Cycle Ride SG is our vision for an inclusive city with a transport system that enables everyone to take part in our lively city.

Today, our trains and buses handily do most of the legwork, but we’re working to make walking and cycling real alternatives as first and last mile solutions so we can travel “car-lite”. To make this happen, we’re building a cycling network across the island and redesigning streets so pedestrians, cyclists, buses and cars can co-exist.

In the future, Autonomous vehicles (AVs) may even fill in the first or last mile of our travel around the island. In a nutshell, we are transforming transport so “Walk, Cycle, Ride” is how we travel for a greener and healthier Singapore. 

Applying for licence


Licence application forms to operate bicycle-sharing services can be found here.

Cycling Infrastructure

Cycling Infrastructure

Swap your car or bus ride for a bicycle, and pedal your way to a cleaner environment.

Rules and Code of Conduct

Rules and Code of Conduct

Rules, code of conduct and penalties are put in place to protect everyone on public paths and roads, enabling safer journeys for all. 
Rules and Code of Conduct

Safe riding programme

Be a safe rider today! Find out more about the safe riding programme here. 


Active Mobility Plan

Active Mobility Plan

To create safe and consistent active mobility infrastructure.



Pick the right pair of shoes and you’re ready to go. Fresh air and sunshine are waiting outside.


Application to seek exemption requests for the use of Active Mobility devices in events/trials can be found here. 

Travel Smart Grant


Travel Smart Grant for Developers

To encourage provision of End-of-Trip facilities for Active Mobility users.


Walking And Cycling Plan

Walking And Cycling Plan FOR DEVELOPMENTS

Creating spaces conducive for walking and cycling.

Register your E-scooter
by 30 june 2019

Owners of e-scooters may register their devices on the OneMotoring website, or at any SingPost Post Office, from 2 January 2019. Registration is compulsory and from 1 July 2019, it will be an offence to ride an unregistered e-scooter on public paths.

For more details on registering your e-scooter, visit www.onemotoring.com.sg/escooter.


Adoption of UL2272 standard
for all motorised PMDs

To minimise fire incidents and improve public safety, all motorised Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) used on public paths must be certified to the UL2272 standard for fire and electrical safety from 1 January 2021. 

Non-UL2272 certified e-scooters purchased after 30 June 2019 will not be allowed to be registered.

You are strongly encouraged to check that the motorised PMD carries a certification mark that shows that it is UL2272 certified before purchasing it. View this list to find out more about UL2272 certified PMDs.

For draft legislation* concerning the adoption of UL2272 standard as a device criteria for motorised personal mobility devices, you may refer to the draft gazette notification here and the draft amendments to the Active Mobility Regulations 2018 here.

Disclaimer: This document is a draft and is provided for information only. The information contained herein may change and does not commit the Land Transport Authority of Singapore or the Government of Singapore in any way.

*The draft legislation was first uploaded on 31 December 2018


Supporting a Car-lite SingaporeSupporting a car-lite Singapore

Click to find out more on A Reliable Public Transport System and A Hassle-Free First and Last Mile Connectivity.

Bring your foldable bikes and pmds on board public transport all day

foldable bikes

You can cycle or ride to nearby transport nodes, bring your foldable bicycle or PMD on board a train and bus, and complete the rest of your journey on your device. Click here to find out more! 


Failure to adhere to any active mobility rules may result in prosecutorial action by the Authority. You may receive any of the following notices to attend court should you commit an offence under the Active Mobility Act.

VEHICLES/devices disposal notification 

We will proceed to dispose of the vehicles/devices in this Gazette 1 month after its publication.

impounded devices

The devices listed in this Notification have been impounded by the Land Transport Authority.

For any enquiries/requests, please:

a) Contact us through our online portal at www.lta.gov.sg/feedback

b) Email to feedback@lta.gov.sg

If we do not receive any request within 14 days after publishing the notification, we will prepare for the disposal of these devices in accordance with the law.

did you know 

Comparison of Carbon Footprint

Transport Mode I’m Using

Average Carbon Footprint (CO2 per 10 km)

My own two feet


I’m pedalling (a bicycle)


Taking the bus


Taking the MRT


I’m driving my normal car, myself


Note* Assuming an average loading of 80 passengers per bus and 1,100 per train.