Walking And Cycling Plan

To make it easier, safer and more pleasant for people to walk and cycle around Singapore, developers are required to put up a Walking and Cycling Plan (WCP) when submitting new applications for their developments.   

The WCP looks at the safety, convenience and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists in the design of the development. Key considerations include:

• Connectivity to key public transport nodes and surrounding developments;

• Availability of bicycle parking and end-of-trip facilities;

• Clear and easy-to-understand wayfinding signage; and

• Measures to minimise conflicts between pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles.

From 1st July 2016, schools, commercial, retail and business park developments that submit new applications (i.e. applications for a new erection or major additions and alterations) and satisfy the following criteria as listed below will be required to submit the WCP:

WCP Development Criteria