Supporting Cycling Infrastructure

Besides building an extensive network of cycling lanes, we are supplementing the network with supporting cycling infrastructure to improve safety and connectivity, and encourage more people to take up cycling as a form of transportation. 

Bicycle Parking Facilities

Bicycle Parking facilities


Bicycle parking is available at MRT Stations and Bus Interchanges so commuters can park their bikes before taking the train or bus. We are even building new underground bike parks at selected Thomson-East Coast Line Stations. 

See how many bicycle lots there are at MRT Stations
See instructions on how to load and unload your bicycle on the double-tier bicycle racks.

Bicycle Crossings

Bicycle crossings


As the demand for cycling increases, LTA will identify areas to provide dedicated bicycle crossings at signalised pedestrian crossings so cyclists can ride safely across roads separately from pedestrians.

See list of existing bicycle crossings



Bicycle Wheeling RAmPS


Since 2013, bicycle wheeling ramps have been installed to enable cyclists to push their bicycles across pedestrian overhead bridges without the need to carry them.

Bicycle wheeling ramps



How to use the Bicycle Wheeling Ramp (BWR)

Loading Bike

Going down

Going up

Loading Bike: Tilt the bicycle slightly towards your body to keep the pedal away from the railings.

Going Down: Place both hands on the handle bar and be prepared to apply brakes when necessary. Going Up: Push your bicycle up the BWR by holding onto the handle bar and seat.