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At LTA, we don’t just build trains and roads – we build connections, as we transform the way people travel.
Discover your best fit with roles here as diverse as the talented individuals that fill them. 



Infrastructure and development

We design, build and enhance the nation’s road and rail networks. Working on mega infrastructure projects such as the North-South Corridor, new rail lines and stations such as the world’s first four-in-one rail and bus depot places us at the heart of the city’s transport system.


Public Transport, Policy and Planning

When it comes to our transport network, we look at the big picture and offer strategic guidance to make ‘Walk, Cycle, Ride’ a reality. This includes improving our buses and trains to make public transport more accessible, comprehensive and comfortable for a better commuting experience.



We keep LTA running smoothly through various roles in Human Resource, Corporate Communications and Information Technology among others. Our Quality Service Manager Office plays an important role in bridging LTA and the communities we live in, while our legal and Internal Audit teams help uphold LTA’s reputation by identifying and mitigating risks in a professional and efficient manner. Beyond the here and now, we chart the path for the future of the organisation and are always on the lookout for talented people to keep our engine running.




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