Our Subsidiaries

EZ-Link Pte Ltd

EZ-Link Pte Ltd is responsible for the sale, distribution and management of EZ-Link cards, which can be used for public transport travel, as well as other commercial purposes and non-transit applications.

For public transport travel, EZ-Link Pte Ltd has appointed TransitLink Pte Ltd as the agent to manage the sale of EZ-Link Cards on the MRT, LRT and buses.

EZ-Link Pte Ltd has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding  with Green Dot Payment Services Pte Ltd to work on the terms and framework for Green Dot Payment Services to expand the use of the EZ-Link card beyond public transport for general micro-payments.

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the LTA and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Public Transport Council.

It was formed on 8 January 2002.


MSI Global

MSI Global is the consultancy arm of the LTA, which provides land transport solutions around the world by tapping on expertise from the organisation.

MSI Global provides multi-disciplinary consultancy for transport policies and strategies. It has been a key consultant to issues and problems facing the government and policy makers of various countries. Its key solutions centre on land transportation matters include:

  • Transportation Planning
  • Project Management and Implementation
  • Rail Systems Engineering
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Demand Management

MSI Global was set up on 8 February 1995 and is involved with projects in Southeast Asia, China and Europe.


sg hsr pte ltd

SG HSR is Singapore‚Äôs Infrastructure Company for the Kuala Lumpur - Singapore High Speed Rail Project, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the LTA. It will build, own, fund, operate and maintain the civil infrastructure in Singapore. This includes the HSR station in Jurong East, the tunnels and a share of the connecting bridge over the Straits of Johor.

SG HSR was set up on 21 September 2017.



Transit Link is the exclusive transit merchant acquirer for Singapore's public transport system. It processes transit transactions for:

  • Distance Fares
  • Bus Stop Distance Refunds
  • Park and Ride sets
  • Transport and Concession Pass Vouchers

It also allocates revenue to the Public Transport Operators. In addition, it acts as an agent for card managers by providing card sales, refunds and replacements. As a master load agent, TransitLink provides transit top-up services for all card managers in Singapore.

TransitLink was incorporated on 16 November 1987 and became a subsidiary of the Land Transport Authority on 30 April 2010.