What We Do

What We Do2

Our Mission

Our mission is Connecting people and places, enhancing travel experience.

By 2020, we expect daily journeys to increase from 8.9 million to about 14.3 million journeys. To meet this challenge, we are implementing policies to direct commuters to the most appropriate mode of transportation.

Learn how we are improving the Safety, Accessibility and Service Standards of our transport system.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a people-centred land transport system.

We aim to make public transport the preferred choice by making it faster, reliable and more frequent.

To keep traffic moving smoothly on our roads, we are committed to managing road use by optimising our road networks and enhancing safety.

A people-centred land transport system must meet the diverse needs of our growing population and expanding economy.  We are determined to ensure physical accessibility for all, provide affordable transport and promote environmental sustainability in all our transport solutions.



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