Singapore Government


SGRA Railway Research

SGRA Railway Research collaborates with research and technology partners to advance the technical knowhow in railway engineering through:

  • Working with SBS Transit adn SMRT to jointly sponsor research and conduct trials of innovative technology and methods;
  • Partnering with research institutes (RIs), institutes of higher learning (IHLs), and rail systems original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to leverage on their research capability relevant to railway engineering, operations and maintenance; and 
  • Benchmarking with public transport systems in other cities to share knowledge and learn best practices.

List of current research projects include:

Project Description
Condition Monitoring of HV DC Traction System To detect early signs of defects of the traction power system for preventive maintenance
GIS-based Lifecycle Durability Assessment of Underground Infrastructures

To design a system which allows information for monitoring underground structure to be provided in different thematic layers to and from different groups of stakeholders, to better appreciate the durability issues in spatial context for underground structure.

Low Carbon Bainitic Rail Steel and its Potential Future Implementation To research on the mechanical properties of Bainitic rail steel compared with Pearlitic rail stell, and to develop fatigue life prediction analysis for strategic application and future deployment of Bainitic rail steel.
A Study of Corrosive Environment in Tunnels and Prediction of Component Life Time To research into the corrosion in rail tunnels to provide LTA useful information in respect to corrosion matters so as to enhance the rail maintenance regime.
Rail Corrugation Growth in Railway Infrastructure To identify and comprehend the root causes of rail corrugation through modelling, simulating and analysing corrugation growth in Singapore’s railway infrastructure to facilitate decision-making processes, enhance asset management and optimise maintenance performance.