Application Process

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Discover opportunities at LTA.

You can search for positions according to job categories e.g. ‘Engineering’.


When you see a job that matches your interest, click “Apply Now” to start your application. You’ll be asked to fill up an online application form. Once your application is complete and submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail from us.

You may be asked to submit additional information in a supplementary application form and/or to email supporting documents.


If you are shortlisted for a position, you will be invited to attend a first round of interview. After that, if you are found to be suitable, we will contact you to attend a formal interview with either a Deputy Director, Director or Group Director. You may also need to complete a written assessment, prior to the interview, for us to find out more about you.

Be sure to learn about LTA, so you can identify ways that your skills, experience, and background can contribute to the organisation. Be ready to offer specific examples of how your qualifications and experience relate to the position you are applying for.

The interview is also a good time to ask questions. Clarify any concerns and doubts you might have and don’t hesitate to ask us what we can do for you in terms of personal and career development.


If you successfully complete the interview process, and are identified as the candidate we would like to hire, you’ll receive an offer via a phone call and email from our HR team.