Grant Call for Solutions to Lower Operating and Maintenance Costs for Buses


LTA has committed significant efforts to boost the capacity, connectivity, and reliability of our public buses to cope with increasing ridership as well as commuters’ expectations.  These efforts, coupled with the renewal of aging infrastructure, require significant resources from the government. It is essential for LTA to continue to improve resource efficiency and manage the escalating operating cost per scheduled KM of the public transport ecosystem, even as we seek to increase the uptake of public, shared and active transport.  Our goal through this grant call is to reap the most substantial resource savings (land, manpower and fiscal) possible, while meeting our public transport objectives, and at the same time, help our public transport workers move up the value chain.  LTA is launching a grant call for White papers that will leverage on research and technology to meet the objectives while keeping cost at balance.

Challenge Statements

Two focus areas are identified: (i) Focus Area A: Maintenance of Bus Fleet, and (ii) Focus Area B: Design and Operation of Bus Depots. The focus areas are meant to be a guide and may not be exhaustive. Proposed projects which do not fall under any of the focus areas but are able to demonstrate how it would contribute towards these aims will be considered.

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Eligibility Criteria

The call is open to all R&D organisations in Singapore including publicly funded institutes of higher learning (IHLs), not-for-profit research institutions (RIs), public sector agencies, companies and company-affiliated research entities.  The Lead Principal Investigator will be required to have a minimum time commitment of 9 months per year in Singapore. International parties can participate as collaborators.

How to Apply?

All proposals must be submitted through NRF’s Integrated Grant Management System (IGMS) ( More details on the grant call can also be downloaded from the IGMS.  

Proposals will be selected through a two-stage process and evaluated based on i) potential for impact, ii) strength of project execution, and iii) technical competency of the team.  In the first stage, interested applicants will submit white papers.  Shortlisted white papers will then subsequently be invited to revise and develop their white papers into a full proposal in the second stage.

White papers should cover the objectives, proposed approach and project execution plan. This would include explaining and quantifying the outcomes that could be achieved in the area of lowering operating and maintenance costs for buses.

Submission Deadline

Submission of proposals for this Open Call commence on 06 Jun 2018 (Wed), 1200hrs. The deadline for submission is 17 Aug 2018 (Fri), 1200hrs.

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