Project Safety Review (Safe-to-Use) Process for Rapid Transit System Projects

Image of Procedure ManualWe adopt a “Safe-to-Use” philosophy to ensure the safety of staff and commuters before any rapid transit system project is opened to the public.

 To achieve this objective:

  • The System Developer is required to demonstrate that it has adequate commitments and resources to manage safety effectively. It must also show that the rapid transit system is designed and constructed to achieve a high level of safety.
  • The Operator is required to demonstrate that it has the necessary organisational structure and processes in place to operate and maintain the system to an acceptable level of safety.

The PSR procedure is our check and balance system in implementing the “Safe-to-Use” philosophy. PSR process applies to all new rapid transit system (RTS) projects and major modifications to existing RTS lines.

The PSR process for RTS projects was formally implemented in 2000.