Borehole Information

Our Borehole Information System (BIS) is a state-of-the-art database developed to store and manage comprehensive ground information obtained during the planning and construction phases of any LTA project. This web-based Geographical Information System (GIS) allows multiple users to search, view and download ground information using a web browser.

To-date, the database offers information on 12,000 boreholes and is continually expanded when more information is gathered from new boreholes.

As our boreholes are generally deep, the information provided is comprehensive and augmented with various laboratory and in-situ tests.

View Sample Bore log Info
View Sample Laboratory Test Results


How to Purchase Bore logs

STEP 1: Email us at, and indicate the location of the site or attach a site plan of the area, along with your contact numbers.

STEP 2: We will reply with a map showing the available boreholes at the site.

STEP 3: Once you’ve made your selection, purchase your bore log at LTA Office,  No. 1 Hampshire Road Singapore 219428. Payment can be made in cash or cheque.

Alternatively, interested parties may make an appointment with our staff listed below to view the list of available bore logs and purchase them on-the-spot.


Cost of Bore logs

Borehole information is available to professionals, contractors and the general public at S$119.05 (excluding GST) per bore log. Borehole information will be provided in hardcopy format.

Contact Details
For more information, please contact:

Yen Ling Paterson (Ms)
Tel: (65) 6396 2922

Winnie Ng (Ms)
Tel: (65) 6396 1310

Or email us at