Real Time Traffic Information

Real Time Traffic Information

We make our transport systems safe and smooth flowing through a suite of advanced traffic systems called Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

From Expressway Monitoring Advisory System (EMAS) to the Parking Guidance System (PGS) and TrafficScan—each is connected to our highly sophisticated and integrated backend i-Transport system.

How We Provide Real-Time Traffic Information

Real Time Traffic Information Brochure

  • Traffic data is aggregated, integrated and disseminated at the ITS Centre for traffic monitoring and management.
  • The data is also collected for traffic analysis and planning.
  • Real time and localised traffic information is disseminated through websites, radio broadcasts and smartphones.
  • To reach out to the wider public and leverage on the private sector's innovations as well as their broad distribution channels, traffic information is also disseminated through the private sector’s products and services.

Reaching Our Public

Reaching Our Public

There are 3 categories of real-time traffic data that are available to the industry and public:

  1. Webcam Images that show snapshots of conditions on the expressways and major roads.
  2. Textual Traffic Information which includes:
    • traffic incident on the roads
    • indicative traffic speed
    • estimated travel time on expressways
    • locations of road works
    • EMAS messages
    • ERP rates
    • faulty traffic lights signals
  3. Carpark Lots Availability Information, which currently covers the major shopping malls at the Marina Center, Orchard and Harbourfront areas.

How Motorists Benefits

  • Receive real-time traffic information on mobile phones, web portals and navigation devices through commercial service providers
  • Avoid traffic incidents or congested routes
  • Make informed decisions on alternative routes to reach your destination faster
  • Enhance your safety on major roads and expressways by allowing you to avoid dangerous situations and accidents on the roads
  • Enhance your overall travelling experience

How the Industry Benefits

  • Provide opportunities to leverage on new technologies to develop more innovative products, services and applications that incorporate real-time traffic information for our motorists
  • Encourage exploration of new channels/media for the delivery of real-time traffic information to the public

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