Traffic Message Channel

The Traffic Message Channel (TMC) is a standard designed for delivering real-time traffic information to drivers on the move through TMC compliant devices.

It is an increasingly popular technology commonly used in dynamic route navigation, where TMC traffic information enables Global Positioning Systems (GPS) navigation devices to route the driver around congestion and road incidents.

With this standard and a TMC-Location Table in place, commercial traffic service providers can broadcast real-time traffic messages to drivers on the road.

The TMC standard is widely accepted globally and has been adopted by many countries in Europe and America. In recent years, many countries in Asia Pacific and Middle East have also started adopting and providing TMC services to motorists.


TMC-Location Table (TMC-LT)

A TMC message, which consists of a defined location code and an event code, is transmitted over-the-air to the navigation device or radio receiver in the vehicle.

A TMC-Location Table (TMC-LT) stores these location codes and reference rules that are required for navigation systems to decode the TMC messages.

We have developed a Location Table that is of high quality.  It is a result of both our domain knowledge in traffic and local road networks and unparalleled access to information on TMC Standard and Specifications from the Traveller Information Services Association (TISA).

Our TMC-LT was certified (certificate number: 2010-100-SG) by TISA in July 2010.


How TMC works

How TMC works


How Motorists Benefit

  • Have the pulse of the road at your fingertips with real-time traffic info updates sent straight to your mobile and navigation device
  • Get timely notification on traffic accidents, congestion and roadworks
  • Get dynamic route guidance and alternative route choice via your TMC-enabled navigation systems
  • Localise and personalise reports for each of your routes
  • Set up drives with globally compatible receivers 


How the Industry Benefits

  • Provide you with smart technology that is easy to implement
  • Reduce integration and implementation risks, with its globally accepted codes and standards governed by the Traveller Information Services Association (TISA)
  • Reduce integration and operational costs with its standardised format defined in ISO 14819
  • Allow greater public/private collaboration to deliver real-time traffic info to users

See Traffic Message Channel Brochure

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