Train Operators

MRT Train Operators 2

As Singapore’s land transport authority, LTA regulates and oversees all three main modes of public transport (taxis, buses and trains) and ensures that they meet safety and service standards.

Apart from building roads and expressways, LTA constructs rail lines, plans the rail system and integrates it with other existing public transport options. We also lease operating licences to public transport operators.

The day-to-day operations of running the MRT train systems are the responsibility of two main public transport operators in Singapore, SMRT Trains Ltd and SBS Transit. These operators are responsible for the daily operations of trains and their maintenance.


First formed in 1987, SMRT began with running Singapore’s first MRT route from Yio Chu Kang to Toa Payoh with the Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (MRTC).

SMRT Trains Ltd operates the following lines:

  • North-South Line
  • East-West Line (including the Changi branch line)
  • Circle Line

SBS Transit

First formed in 1973 when three private bus companies merged, the Singapore Bus Service was one of the first major public transport operators in Singapore.

In 1997, Singapore Bus Service restructured and was renamed DelGro Corporation. A fully owned subsidiary called Singapore Bus Services Limited was created to oversee bus operations.

In 2001, Singapore Bus Services Limited was renamed SBS Transit Limited.

SBS Transit operates these lines:

  • North East Line
  • Downtown Line

Did You Know 2

The MRT system in Singapore is the second-oldest metro system in Southeast Asia after the Manila LRT system.