Canberra Station

Artist Impression, Canberra


What is Canberra station?

Canberra station is a new MRT stop on the North-South Line. The North-South Line is Singapore’s first MRT line – parts of it were open in 1987 – but a new Canberra Station will be added to it in 2019. 

As the elevated station is being “tagged” onto an existing line, construction will be challenging as the planners have to be mindful of working hours and work spaces. 


Where is Canberra Station?




Located between Sembawang and Yishun stations, the Canberra MRT station will serve commuters living in nearby estates such as Sembawang Springs, as well as a mix of upcoming public and private residential developments in the neighbourhood.

How will commuters benefit from the new station?


With a direct connection to the MRT network, the new station will cut travelling time towards Jurong East or the city centre by about 10 minutes.


Press Release: Work Starts For Canberra MRT Station on North-South Line
Press release: Work Starts on Canberra MRT Station
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