Fast Facts

Each train on the Circle Line is 70m long – that’s as long as 2.5 basketball courts - and weighs around 170 tonnes – 22 adult Asian elephants.

At its maximum capacity, each train can carry up to 931 passengers.

The train has three cars, which is shorter than the six train-cars used on the existing MRT network. Large central windows at the front and rear allow passengers to have a good view of the tunnel.

The rolling stock of the train is Alstom Metropolis C830 & Alstom Metropolis C830C. It has a maximum design speed of 80 km/hour.

All Circle Line trains are driver-less and full automated.

The glass panels holding the reflective pool at Bras Basah station are three-ply with a thickness of 45mm and are specially treated to prevent cracking.

The longest escalator in an MRT station can be found in Bras Basah station, stretching 41.3m.

Bras Basah and Stadium stations have natural sunlight streaming in.

Mountbatten, Dakota and MacPherson stations are Civil Defence stations.