Getting a Taxi



Make a Telephone Booking   
  • Call the telephone booking hotline of the taxi company.
  • Inform the operator of the pick-up location.
  • Note the taxi registration number given by the operator (e.g. SHA1234P).
  • When the taxi arrives, confirm your booking with the driver, as well as your destination.

You may call the hotlines of the following taxi companies:

Taxi  Company Hotline
Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd 6552 1111
CityCab Pte Ltd 6552 1111
SMRT Taxis Pte Ltd 6555 8888
Trans-Cab Services Pte Ltd 6555 3333
Premier Taxis Pte Ltd 6363 6888
Prime Car Rental & Taxi Services Pte Ltd 6778 0808
HDT Singapore Taxi Pte Ltd 6258 8888

Alternatively, you may wish to book a taxi from any of the taxi companies by calling LTA’s common taxi booking number, 6-DIAL CAB (6342 5222). The call will first be routed to one selected taxi company's call centre. If the call centre's lines are busy, the call will automatically be re-routed to another taxi company's call centre. The call will be terminated only after three unsuccessful attempts to route the call.

Call Booking Fee

A call booking fee is applicable and the charges vary for the different taxi companies:

Current call booking rates Comfort / CityCab TransCab SMRT Premier Prime HDT
Prime time:
6am to 9:30am  Mon-Fri
(excluding Public Holidays) &
6pm to midnight
Mon-Sun & Public Holidays
S$3.30 S$3.30 S$3.30 S$4.50 S$3.50





All other times S$2.30 S$2.30 S$2.30 S$2.50 S$2.50 S$2.30

Note: ERP rates, peak hour rates and location surcharges may apply.

Useful Booking Tips

Reach the pick-up location as soon as the booking has been made. The taxi driver may not be able to wait for you if he is not able to locate you.

If you miss your booked taxi, please contact the operator again to arrange for another taxi.


Taxi Location Codes

All public taxi stands/stops are labelled with a unique location code indicated on the taxi signage to enable commuters to inform the taxi companies of their precise pick-up location if they require to call book for a taxi. 

List of taxi stands/stops location codes (outside CBD)
List of taxi stands/stops location codes (within CBD)

Use a Mobile App

SMRT Boook a TaxiComfort Delgro Taxi Booking



  • hailing one along the road;
  • queuing at a taxi stand;
  • making a telephone booking; or
  • using a mobile application

A taxi facility is easily recognised by the following signs:

Getting a Taxi 18


Pick-up and drop off areas

Getting a Taxi 7


Taxis can pick-up/drop-off passengers along all roads within the CBD with the exception of: 

Pasengers can hail a taxi or alight from one at taxi stands/stops and driveways of buildings. 

See map and list of taxi stands/stops in CBD


Getting a Taxi 14Useful Tips For Taxi Passengers

Do you know that taxi drivers are

Required To: 

  1. Ask for your preferred route. If you do not have one, the taxi driver is required to send you to your destination by the shortest route. 
  2. Charge the fare according to the taximeter, including applicable surcharges, e.g. Central Business District surcharge, location surcharge (like trips starting from Changi International Airport), and standard booking fee.
  3. Issue a fare receipt upon request.
  4. Start the taximeter only when you have boarded the taxi and confirmed the hiring.
  5. Pick-up or alight passengers at taxi stands/taxi stops or at the driveways of about 220 buildings in the Central Business District (CBD) from 7.30am to 8pm daily, except Sundays and public holidays. This CBD Taxi Rule is implemented to safeguard passengers, taxi drivers and other road users’ safety.
  6. Display his identification document and the taxi registration number prominently in the taxi.
  7. Charge limousine taxi service charges at a flat rate, only if the taxi is hired from a limousine counter authorised by the taxi company or through call booking made through the taxi company.


Not Allowed To:

  1. Refuse to convey passengers without valid reason, when the taxi rooftop is displaying the “Taxi” sign. Taxi drivers must display the appropriate sign at the taxi rooftop, such as “Busy” or “Changing Shift” if he is not able to pick up passengers.
  2. Terminate the hiring of a taxi or require passengers to leave the taxi, without valid reason, before the passengers are conveyed to the destination.
  3. Overcharge passengers or solicit for passengers.
  4. Verbally insult, intimidate or harass passengers.


Did you Know

Comparison of Overseas Taxi Fares


Taxi fare (S$)



Hong Kong


New York





  1. Fares are based on a 10 km taxi trip, with 5 minutes waiting time, during off peak hours with no surcharges.
  2. Hong Kong's taxi fares are based on Urban taxis/red taxis.
  3. Singapore's taxi fares are based on ComfortDelGro's Hyundai Sonata taxis.
  4. Exchange rate as at October 2018.


Getting a Taxi 15

If the green TAXI sign at the front is illuminated, the cab is available for hire.

Getting a Taxi 2


Taxi Fares in Singapore are determined by the taxi companies and are driven by the industry market forces. Fares are metered and are based on a flag down rate and the distance travelled.

To find out how much you should be paying, view Fares and Payment Methods.


Read more about Seat Belt Rules for Taxis.