Publications & Research

Monthly vehicle statistics are updated by the 12th calendar day of each month. If the 12th falls on a Public Holiday/weekend, information will be published the next working day. 
During the quarterly COE quota announcements, please note that our vehicle statistics may be published later after the announcement.

If you are interested in acquiring previously published vehicle statistics or archived reports, you can email your request to us here. An administrative fee is payable for the extraction of such reports.


Research & technical Papers

From safety systems to the evolution of e-payments to lessons from bus operators, sift through the technical knowledge and research of our transport knowledge and research of our transport professionals at LTA Academy.

Data Availability

LTA publishes a variety of transport-related data for members of the public and the community to co-create innovative and inclusive transport solutions.

Datasets and APIs on DataMall can be found here

App Zone

Third parties develop applications to provide useful transport-related services from bus arrival time to live traffic conditions, parking availability around the CBD and taxi booking services.

Find out more here.