In-Vehicle Unit (IU)


What is an IU?

An In-Vehicle Unit (IU) is a device that Singapore-registered vehicles must be fitted with if they wish to use priced roads with Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries and Electronic Parking System (EPS) car parks. 

ERP charges are paid through:

  • a stored-value card inserted in the IU, or
  • credit card payment via MotorPay

EPS charges are paid through:

  • a stored-value card inserted in the IU, or
  • stored-value card reader terminal at car park exit

The new generation IU or dual-mode IU for the different vehicle types was gradually introduced in September 2008. Motorists can now choose whether to use the:

  • NETS CashCard, or
  • CEPAS compliant stored value card (issued by Ezlink, NETS and Transitlink)

NETS Cashcard & CEPAS Cards

Read about other features of the dual-mode IU (PDF).

Dual-mode IU for Cars:
Dual-mode IU for Cars

Dual-mode IU for all different vehicle types:

Dual-mode IU for all different vehicle types


What is an IU number and where to find it?


The IU number is a 10 digit number found on every IU. The location of the IU number various according to the model of the IU unit. If your IU number is missing, you can retrieve it from your online vehicle log card here.


How much does an IU cost?

The dual-mode IU costs about S$150 (before GST and includes installation).

Is it compulsory to change my old IU to the new one?

No, you can still use priced roads with your older model and a NETS CashCard. However, the dual-mode IU offers more features such as:

  • displaying the ERP charge in addition to the stored value balance
  • enabling automatic top-up if you use a CEPAS-compliant card
  • using CEPAS card for making parking payments at CEPAS supported EPS
  • printing information such as date, time, location and ERP charge (for taxis)

Features of the dual-mode IU (PDF)

How can I change to the new IU?

Please visit an LTA Authorised IU Service Centre.

IUs are covered by a 5-year warranty against manufacturer's defects. You will have to pay for a replacement should your IU become faulty after its warranty period or if the IU label is unreadable or missing from the IU. You may call our customer service line at 1800-CALL LTA (1800-2255 582) and provide your vehicle or IU number. We will retrieve the warranty information and respond to you.

Did you know

CEPAS stands for Contactless E-Payment Application Standard and is the Singapore standard for smart cards and their related devices, which replaces the existing CashCard Standard. Introduced in 2006, CEPAS allows any smart cards that comply with the standard to be used across a wide variety of payment applications.

To easily differentiate between the new and old IU, look at its size. The dual-mode unit is 34% - 50% smaller than the old one, depending on the vehicle class.