Green Man + is an initiative by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to address the needs of elderly pedestrians and Persons With Disabilities (PWD) who may require more time to cross the road. Elderly pedestrians and PWD can expect up to 13 seconds more of green man time when they make use of signalized pedestrian crossings fitted with the Green Man +.

Click here for the list of traffic lights installed with Green Man + system. 


How It Works

Green Man + allows elderly pedestrians and PWD more time to cross the road when they activate the Green Man + function. This is done by tapping the CEPAS-compliant senior citizen concession card or PWD concession card on the reader mounted above the standard push button on the traffic light pole. Once the card reader verifies that it is a valid card, the system will extend green man time, which ranges from 3 to 13 seconds depending on the size of the crossing. On average, most of the selected pedestrian crossings will have 6 seconds more green man time. With the extension of the crossing time, elderly pedestrians and PWD will be able to complete the crossing at a more comfortable pace.

Elderly pedestrians aged 60 years and above or PWD who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents and wish to apply for the senior citizen concession cards/PWD concession cards can obtain the application form from any TransitLink Ticket Office or visit the TransitLink website at www.transitlink.com.sg.