Modifying Your Vehicle

Before making any modifications to your vehicle, you should check whether our approval is required. Generally, no modification can be carried out if it threatens the safety of road users or emits loud noises that cause a nuisance. 

However, there are also minor vehicle modifications that can be carried out without specific approval so long as they comply with the requirements set out in the Road Traffic Act and its subsidiary legislations.


Modifications that are Not Allowed

Some examples are:

  • air horns
  • automatic headlamp switch-on function on motorcycles
  • chain guards
  • chassis
  • crash bars
  • daytime-running lamps
  • decorative lamps
  • engine capacity
  • head lamps
  • nitrous injection devices
  • spot lamps
  • tinting or masking of vehicle lamps
  • towhooks

Check the full list and read more about Guidelines for Vehicle Modifications that Are Not Allowed at ONE.MOTORING.


Modifications that are Allowed

Modifications that don’t require approval include:

  • bumpers
  • car seats
  • fog lamps
  • fuel additives
  • fuel molecule polarisers
  • gear knobs
  • in-vehicle entertainment systems
  • in-vehicle information & communication systems (GPS system)

See the full list and Guidelines for Vehicle Modifications that Are Allowed at ONE.MOTORING


Modifications that Require LTA’s Approval

Modifications that require our approval include, but not limited to:

  • engines
  • exhaust system
  • hoods or canopies
  • seating arrangements
  • sunroofs
  • superchargers or turbochargers
  • transmissions or gearboxes

Read more about Guidelines for Vehicle Modifications that Require LTA’s Approval at ONE.MOTORING

Did you know

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has disallowed the use of Hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants in vehicle air-conditioning systems effective 1 April 2012.

See SCDF’s circular for more details.


Vehicle owners can write in to the Vehicle Engineering (VE) Division of LTA at 10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575701. Alternatively, you may also contact our officers at 1800-CALL LTA (1800-2255 582) for further assistance on vehicle modifications.