Tax Structure for Motorcycles & Scooters

This page provides information on all taxes for motorcycles and scooters.

Registration Fee (RF)


Additional Registration Fee (ARF)

Tiered Rate: 1

Vehicle OMV ARF Rate
First S$5,000 15%
Next S$5,000
(i.e. S$5,001 to S$10,000)
Above S$10,000 100%

The ARF payable for a motorcycle/ scooter with an OMV of S$12,000 will be calculated as follows:

Vehicle OMV
ARF Rate ARF Payable
First S$5,000 15% 15% x S$5,000 = S$750
Next S$5,000 50% 50% x S$5,000 = S$2,500
Above S$10,000 100% 100% x S$2,000 = S$2,000

Total ARF payable is (S$750 + S$2,500 + S$2,000) = S$5,250

Certificate of Entitlement (COE)

Bid in Category D

Excise Duty

12% of OMV

Life Span

No Statutory Life Span

Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF)

No PARF Rebate

1 For motorcycles registered with COEs obtained from the second tender exercise in February 2017 and onwards.

Calculating Your Road Tax

All Singapore-registered vehicles must have a valid Road Tax at all times. Here’s how you can calculate Road Tax for your motorcycle or scooter.

Electric Motorcycles

Power Rating, PR(KW)

6-Monthly Road Tax Formula
(from 13 April 2009)

PR < 10

S$40 x 0.782


Engine Capacity (EC) in cc 

6-Monthly Road Tax Formula
(From 1 August 2016)

EC < 200

S$40 x 0.782

200 < EC < 1,000

[S$40 + S$0.15(EC - 200)] x 0.782

EC > 1,000

[S$160 + S$0.3(EC - 1,000)] x 0.782

Example (Based on the 6-Monthly Road Tax Formula)
If a motorcycle's engine capacity is 400cc, the Road Tax is as follows:

Road Tax

= [S$40 + S$0.15 (400 - 200)] x 0.782


= [S$40 + S$0.15 (200)] x 0.782


= [S$40 + S$30] x 0.782


= S$70 x 0.782


= S$55

Therefore the Road Tax is S$55 (for 6 months) or S$110 (for 12 months).

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Road Tax Surcharge (For Vehicles Over 10 Years)

For vehicles more than 10 years old, a Road Tax Surcharge is payable in addition to the Road Tax.

Age of Vehicle

Annual Road Tax Surcharge

More than 10 years old

10% of Road tax

More than 11 years old

20% of Road tax

More than 12 years old

30% of Road Tax

More than 13 years old

40% of Road Tax

More than 14 years old

50% of Road Tax

Road Tax Late Renewal Fee Structure

If your Road Tax is renewed after its expiry date, a late fee will be charged. The amount of late fee payable is as follows:

Engine Capacity

Late Payment Fee (1st Month)

Offer of Composition (>1 Month)

Warrant Fee (>2.5 Months)

Additional Offer of Composition (>6 Months)











It is an offence for anyone to keep or use a vehicle without a valid Road Tax. In addition, a Road Tax late renewal fee will be imposed once the Road Tax of a vehicle expires. Escalation of additional penalty fees and fines will be further imposed if the Road Tax remains unpaid.

A warrant to seize the vehicle will be issued once the Road Tax is not paid 2.5 months from its expiry date.

If the Road Tax remains unpaid, LTA will take legal action against the vehicle owner. A vehicle that is seized by LTA will be auctioned off to recover the tax and fees due.

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