Fast Facts

What caused the jams on the MCE on the morning of 30 Dec?

The road network changed significantly overnight. And the Marina area is still largely under development, so motorists had to get their bearings quickly.  Some motorists stayed on the ECP instead of getting on the MCE; some were unsure about exits. This led to backups in the CBD. We also realised more signs and traffic wardens were needed.

Do I need to pay more ERP if I use the MCE?

No.  Some decommissioned ERP gantries are still in place so motorists may think there are more gantries when you use MCE. With the changes in the Marina South road network, key routes into the CBD have changed so we adjusted the cordon and gantry positions to keep the CBD cordon in place. As MCE replaces the ECP for east-west connections, we’ll replace the old ECP gantries with gantries on the ECP and MCE in both directions. In other words, whether you travel by MCE, or by ECP, you will only pay once during ERP operating hours.

Why can’t you keep the ECP open with the MCE?

Because it would create “conflicting” traffic movement. That is, traffic going in two different directions would merge at the same place. (See the graphic below for an explanation worth a thousand words.)