Project Milestones

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Construction of the tunnels and ventilation buildings, as well as the land reclamation at Marina Wharf and Marina East have been completed. The MCE will be open to traffic on 29 December 2013. The new expressway will link motorists directly to the heart of the downtown at Marina South through the new connections with Central Boulevard, Marina Boulevard and Maxwell Road.

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See: MCE Newsletter Issue 6 (PDF)



Construction of the MCE tunnels commenced in mid-2010 and up to May 2011, about  250,000 cubic metres of concrete has been poured. This is the equivalent of 100 Olympic-size swimming pools! Overall progress has been good, with approximately 47% of excavation works and 22% of tunnel structures completed so far.

See: MCE Newsletter Issue 5 (PDF)

Claiming More Land from the Sea

Excavation started in the first quarter of 2010, with extensive ground improvement works carried out to enhance the safety of the excavation. A stretch of old seawall buried 12m underground left behind from land reclamation works in the 1970s and 1980s also had to be removed.

Meanwhile, 9.1 hectares of land will be reclaimed at the Marina Wharf area. This land will be used to construct the surface road and viaduct of the MCE.

See: MCE Newsletter Issue 4 (PDF)


Workplace Safety & Changing Landscapes

The LTA Project Teams, MCE contractors and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) jointly organised emergency exercises at MCE worksites in in the fourth quarter of 2009. These exercises are scheduled on a half-yearly basis to ensure that all parties are prepared for any accidents and evacuation/rescue operations.

As construction on MCE progresses, you will notice changes to the landscape. 4 hectares of land will be reclaimed to construct part of the underground tunnel at Marina East, while a new bus terminal and bus stop will be added to Palmer Road. The reconfigured Palmer Road will also see a new service road to the mosque.

See: MCE Newsletter Issue 3 (PDF)


Bringing MCE to the Community

Over two nights of lively exchanges in May and July 2009, we met residents from Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Division and Mountbatten Division to update them on the construction progress of MCE taking place in their neighbourhoods.

See: MCE Newsletter Issue 2 (PDF)

Construction of Undersea Tunnel

Construction of the 420m long undersea tunnel between Marina East and Marina South has also begun in June 2009 – this will be carried out in two stages so that the water discharge from Marina Barrage to the sea will not be disrupted. Small crafts and vessels will also still be able to access Marina Bay.

See: MCE Newsletter Issue 2 (PDF)



Construction of the MCE began in April 2009. Then Minister for Transport Mr Raymond Lim and representatives of the 6 MCE civil contracts pledged their commitment to safe construction at the ground-breaking ceremony at Marina South.

Although this will be one of LTA’s most technically and challenging projects to date with Singapore’s first road tunnel under the sea, we are very excited to serve the new Downtown at Marina Bay and support the long-term growth of Singapore.

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See: MCE Newsletter Issue 1 (PDF)



In January 2009, LTA awarded the last of six major civil contracts for the construction of the MCE. In addition, LTA has also awarded seven major contracts for the provision of various Electrical & Mechanical (E&M) and Cladding systems required for the road tunnel. In total, 13 major contracts have been awarded. In February 2012, LTA awarded the civil contract to build the at-grade roads in Marina South.

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