Keeping Our Roads Safe

LTA is committed to ensuring the safety and security of motorists and commuters at all times.  We focus on the following areas to make your commute as pleasant and safe as possible.

Increasing Safety and Access for Pedestrians and cyclists

School Zone Signboard   Signboard

Pedestrian safety, especially in schools and private estates, is one of our priorities. Our Traffic Management Department works together with schools to design and install safety devices that provide a safer road environment for students.

In 2013, a new inter-agency committee – Committee on Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety with representatives from the LTA, the Traffic Police and the Education Ministry, was set up to re-examine ways to make Singapore’s roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Other safety initiatives for pedestrians are:

Raised Zebra Crossing
Green Man Plus
Silver Zone Bollards at Crossings

Enhancing Road Safety for Motorists

These measures are in place to keep drivers safe:

Advanced Warning Lights
Curve Alignment Markers
Spring-loaded Posts
Your Speed-sign (YSS)

LTA also conducts regular studies on foreign road systems, and integrates their best practices in our new technology road safety initiatives.

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Keeping Our Streets Well-Lit

We maintain more than 98,000 streetlights along public roads to keep you safe and secure. We also manage lighting for bus shelters, footpaths, pedestrian crossings, and bridges.

Public Street Lighting

You can help us keep the streets safely lit at night. If you see faulty lighting along the streets or at commuter facilities, please call the LTA Customer Service Line at 1800-CALL LTA (1800-2255 582) or send us a message through our Online Feedback.