Increase in Maximum Allowable Fleet Size

Only persons who have been providing dockless bicycle-sharing services under a Bicycle-Sharing Licence (Full Licence) granted by the Authority on 29 October 2018 may make an application to increase Maximum Allowable Fleet Size. The licence period will remain as set out in the original licence awarded. 

Application Forms

Please click here to download the application forms.  

Notes to Applicant  

1.     If any information you provide is of a confidential or commercially sensitive nature, please identify such information in a separate document by identifying the relevant sections considered confidential or commercially sensitive, and provide reasons why the information is considered so.

2.     LTA reserves the right to review the licensing requirements.

3.     Vehicle-sharing is governed by Part 3 of the Parking Places Act (Chapter 214) and the subsidiary legislation made thereunder. You must ensure that you will be able to comply with all the requirements stated therein before making an application herein.

4.     In assessing your application, the Authority will consider, among other things, your ability to manage the vehicle-sharing fleet, user demand and availability of parking spaces efficiently, and to minimise indiscriminate parking (including your track record in these areas).

5.     Upon approval of the increase in the Maximum Allowable Fleet Size, you will have to pay a fee calculated at the rate of Singapore Dollars $30 per device (based on the additional number of devices allowed to be used in the licensable activity) for each year of remaining licence validity. The fee for the additional devices must be paid upfront and in full before the devices could be deployed for hire in or at public places.

6.     In addition, you will have to furnish to the Authority a security deposit of Singapore Dollars $30 for each additional device used in the licensable activity. This security deposit may be provided in the form of a bank guarantee or performance bond and remain valid throughout the term of the licence. No interest will be paid by LTA on the security deposit. The annual licence fee for the additional number of devices must be paid upfront and in full before the devices could be deployed for hire in or at public places.

7.     All licence conditions and standards of performance, such as requirements for data submission, affixing unique identification codes and installation of working trackers, compliance with the prescribed end-of-trip process etc., will apply to the additional number of devices deployed for the licensable activity.