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It is with the new Land Transport Masterplan in mind that the Singapore Urban Transport Solution is initiated. There is an imperative need to research and develop new ideas and solutions to meet tomorrow's urban transportation needs. To catalyse innovation in land transport development, LTA launched a $50 million Land Transport Innovation Fund in March 2008 for collaborations and joint research with industry partners and academic institutions. The purpose is to attract new ideas and spur innovations that will further enhance the convenience, efficiency and userfriendliness of our people-centred land transport system.

LTA needs to develop new capabilities to improve our management of public transport, overall land transport planning and expand our scope of e-Services to the customer, commuter and community.

A holistic approach is taken to integrate every aspect of land transport systems and new explorations to realise this Singapore Urban Transport Solution initiative.


Here at LTA, we believe every idea deserves the opportunity to be nurtured to greater heights. Thus in March 2006, the Land Transport Innovation Fund (LTIF) was setup to facilitate innovation and technological advances in Singapore's land transportation arena.

With the announcement of the Land Transport Review, the $50 million Land Transport Innovation Fund (LTIF) will be used to strengthen LTA's collaborative efforts with its local and overseas partners, catalyse Singapore's pursuit of innovation excellence in the delivery of land transport and bring the best ideas together to meet the vision of building an efficient, sustainable and people-centred land transport system.

Land Transport Authority (LTA) encourages its partners and suppliers to come forth with innovative ideas and actively participate in shaping Singapore's land transport development for the future.