Street Proposals and Works on Public Streets

Codes of Practice

Code of Practice on Street Works Proposals Relating to Development Works (Version 2.0 - 3 April 2019) New Icon

This code introduces the technical requirements, standards and specifications of the Land Transport Authority to aid
the design of development layout with regards to proposed street works, as well as the engineering design and
construction of proposed street works.

Code of Practice for Works on Public Streets

Outlines the procedures and requirements for carrying out works on public streets.

Code of Practice for Traffic Control at Work Zone

Provides a comprehensive guide on planning and designing a temporary traffic control at construction zones.

Standards & Specifications  

Standard Details of Road Elements (2014)  - (Revision C - APR 2019)  New Icon

Standard Details of Road Elements (2014)  - (Revision B - Sep 2017) - To Be Removed  by 31 Jul 2019

Sets standards and guidelines for common road elements such as drains, kerbs and pavements as a reference for road construction.

GIS Data Hub Data Collection Specifications Ver 2.5

(Previously known as the Road Data Hub Collection Specification) Discusses standards and quality of as-constructed GIS (Geographic Information System) data for all road features forming the GIS Data Hub. Also includes supporting files such as symbology and font files required for proper display of road inventory symbols.  


Transport Impact Assesment Guidelines for Developments

This Guidelines assist developers (and transport professionals who are engaged) by outlining the requirements and the level of details required for the TIA studies and WCP preparation.

The Guidelines have been updated on 7 December 2018 to include the expansion of Walking & Cycling Plan to more development types meeting the TIA threshold. A list of updates can be found on the cover page of the document.

Guidebook On Lodgement Of Development Submissions

This Guidebook highlights the essential points needed for a quality lodgement appication for Development control (DC) Layout and Street Plan proposals.

Guide to Carrying out Engineering Works Works within Road Structure safety Zone and Engineering Activity on Land Adjoining Public Street 

Discusses procedures and requirements for carrying out engineering works within road structure safety zone and engineering activity on land adjoining public streets.

Guidelines for Placing Skips on Public Streets  

Guidelines for Placing Skips on Public Streets (Brochure)

Provides the necessary requirements for the proper placement of skips along public roads to ensure safety and minimise obstructions and inconvenience to road users.  

Guidelines on the Application for Temporary Directional Signs

Lists guidelines for temporary directional signs that lead to show flats of new developments.

Guidelines for the Display of Vertical Banners on Public Street Lamp Posts - (w.e.f 1 Jan 2018)

Lists guidelines on displaying on vertical banners for national events, major festivals and events supported or organised by a relevant government agency.  

E-learning Programme for Submission of Development Control Proposals for Landed Houses to Development & Building Control Division

Provides details on access points, plan presentation, development frontage and common areas.  


Form - Asset Master Record Input Form (AMRIF Coverpage - June 2019)

Form - Asset Master Record Input Form (Detailed AMRIF - June 2019)

Form - Road Data Form

Form - Banker's Guarantee Template

Form - Reduced Banker’s Guarantee Template

Form - Undertaking To Supervise Machinery Operation Within Road Structure Safety Zone  

Form - Defrayment of Cost for Subdivision of Land for Road Reserve Affecting Private Properties

Form - Certificate of Supervision


TIA Processing at Pre-Scoping Stage Checklist

Transport Improvement Measures Checklist

Checkllist For Opening Of New Street(s) To Traffic

Diversion Checklist


Circulars for Street Proposals

Provides users with the latest developments on street proposals and works on public streets.  

Pre-Consultation Clinic for Street Proposals

Schedule an appointment with one of our LTA officers for consultation on street proposals and public works.  

Permit to Work on Public Streets

Explains classification of work on public streets, policies and processes.  

Authorisation of Security Officers to Regulate Traffic for Road Works

Security agencies are required to apply for authorisation from the Land Transport Authority (LTA), on behalf of their qualified security officers, to perform traffic regulation duties for road works.