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The Travel Smart programme is one of the measures that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is exploring with employers to reduce the demand for peak hour travel, and to encourage the use of more sustainable modes of travel, with mutual benefits. Through the Travel Smart programme, LTA hopes that the various Travel Smart measures will result in a positive change to commuters’ travel patterns.

Travel Smart started in July 2012 with a two-year Travel Smart pilot that involved 12 organisations (BP Singapore, CapitaLand, Citi Singapore, Ernst & Young, IBM Singapore, JTC Corporation, KPMG Singapore, Public Service Division, Rajah & Tann, SPRING Singapore, Urban Redevelopment Authority and LTA itself).

Following the successful conclusion of the pilot, a new Travel Smart Network was launched on 30th July 2014 whereby Travel Smart Network organisations are able to tap on two initiatives:

•  Corporate-Tier Travel Smart Rewards for which employees of Travel Smart Network organisations can enrol and enjoy an attractive sign-up points bonus;

•  Travel Smart Grant of up to $160,000 annually for three years to co-fund the cost of measures which organisations put in place to support the adoption of flexi-travel arrangements by their employees.


LTA has established a Travel Smart Grant to encourage organisations to implement or trial some Travel Smart initiatives within their organisations.

Organisations can claim up to to $160,000 annually (for 3 years) to co-fund Travel Smart measures which support the adoption of flexi-travel by their employees. 

These Travel Smart measures include arrangements that give employees the flexibility to travel to work earlier or later after the morning peak period, use more sustainable modes of transport like cycling, or reduce the need to travel by working away from the office.

Specifically, the Travel Smart Grant will comprise 2 components:

i) Developmental Initiatives

• Co-funding at 80% up to a cap of $80,000 p.a. for each organisation to cover costs of one-off infrastructure improvements (e.g. installation of bicycle racks, lockers or even shower facilities to facilitate active travel) or IT systems to support Travel Smart objectives.

ii) Operational Initiatives

• Co-funding of 50% up to a cap of $80,000 p.a. for operating activities supporting Travel Smart objectives such as organising pre-peak morning activities to encourage staff to travel earlier, Travel Smart promotional activities or even miscellaneous operating costs to facilitate Travel Smart initiatives. The Travel Smart Grant has been enhanced on 29 September 2017. Under the Travel Smart Grant (Development), building developers and owners can now claim up to $80,000 to co-fund the provision of End-of-Trip facilities. This will benefit organisations and employees when they commute by alternative modes of transportation such as cycling. 

Please refer to the Travel Smart Grant Information Sheet for more details.

Information Sheet- Travel Smart Grant

Travel Smart Grant Application Form

Travel Smart Grant Reimbursement Form


Organisations who are part of the Travel Smart Network are eligible for Corporate-tier Travel Smart Rewards (TSR).

Employees of these organisations will benefit by:

• Enjoying 1,000 bonus points for signing up, and

• Earning 5 more points for every trip made on the MRT/LRT network compared to general TSR.

Points earned can either be used to play the Travel Smart Rewards game to win more points and cash rewards, or be converted to cash directly.

Employees of participating organisations will get to participate in two draws of the $1,500 monthly lucky draws; one for all users, and the other only for Corporate-tier users.

If you are unsure whether your organisation is part of Corporate-tier Travel Smart Rewards, kindly check with your HR department.



Companies who require more information and assistance or wish to apply for the Travel Smart Programme can email us: