Fixed ERP Fee for Foreign Registered Cars

Who is eligible for fixed ERP fee?

All foreign-registered car owners who do not have an In-Vehicle Unit (IU) installed.

How does the fixed ERP fee work?

You pay a fixed rate of S$5 daily when you use ERP-priced roads during ERP operating hours, regardless of the number of times you pass through the ERP gantries.

The fixed ERP fee will be deducted through your Autopass Card when you depart Singapore. Please note that the CEPAS Autopass Card is compatible only with dual-mode IU.

If you previously installed an In-Vehicle Unit (IU) in your vehicle, you will need to pay prevailing ERP fees based. Please visit ONE.MOTORING for details on ERP Rates.

What if I do not want to pay a fixed ERP fee?

You can choose to install an IU permanently in your car by visiting any authorised IU Service Centres.

You can also rent an IU in Woodlands or Tuas Checkpoint.

Visit ONE.MOTORING for details on ERP Rates.

Please note that rental of IU is only applicable for foreign-registered cars and motorcycles. Other vehicle types must have the IU installed permanently in the vehicles if they intend to pass through ERP gantries during ERP operating hours.