Outer Ring Road System

What is ORRS?

The Outer Ring Road System (ORRS) is a network of major roads that forms a 'ring' along the outer areas of the city.

It is extensively linked to expressways and other major roads, allowing motorists to get from one traffic route to another easily.

Where is the ORRS network?

Outer Ring Road System at Farrer Road
Upgraded Farrer Road near Empress Road junction

The ORRS network includes:

  • Queensway
  • Farrer Road
  • Adam Road
  • Lornie Road
  • Braddell Road
  • Bartley Road
  • Eunos Link
  • Still Road

View map of the Outer Ring Road System (PDF)

How does ORRS benefit motorists?

Through ORRS, motorists can:

  • travel between the east and west of Singapore without going through the city
  • expect reduced traffic volume on city-bound roads
  • get to major roads such as Bukit Timah easily.

Upgrading Works

Since 1994, roads along the ORRS have been upgraded in stages to provide a smoother route to travel across the island.

The road upgrading works along ORRS at Farrer Road, to 4 lanes along Holland and Adam bound were completed and opened to traffic on 21 November 2010.

The pedestrian overhead bridge along Farrer Road, in front of Block 2 and Block 6A were completed and opened to the public on 29 September 2010.