Factsheet: Enabling a More Inclusive Land Transport System

News Releases
11 Dec 2017

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is collaborating with SG Enable to co-create solutions that can make public transport more accessible for persons with special needs. Through this project, SG Enable has “adopted” the Redhill MRT station, the nearest transport node to the Enabling Village, and is working with LTA to improve the commute for those who frequently travel between Redhill station and the Enabling Village.

Enhanced Infrastructure

2.  After consulting commuters with special needs from SG Enable and various Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs), LTA has made several improvements to the walking infrastructure[1] along the 400m route between Redhill station and the Enabling Village. These include rest stops with seats that allow the pedestrians to rest, and edge markings along the footpaths to help guide pedestrians with low vision. LTA also worked with SG Enable and Pathlight School’s “The Art Faculty”[2] to develop unique signage with vibrant colours and designs to help direct users to the Enabling Village.

Community Outreach

3.  LTA is also working on several initiatives to create awareness on the accessibility elements in our land transport infrastructure, such as stickers explaining the objectives of different accessibility elements[3], and videos and other publicity materials at MRT stations and trains. These initiatives aim to raise awareness of the various types of disabilities, and how the public can play an active part in understanding the needs of their fellow commuters.

Harnessing assistive technologies

4.  LTA is exploring pilot programmes for new assistive technologies, such as navigation apps, aids and mobility assistance, to help persons with disabilities in their daily commute. LTA will share more details of these trials at a later date.

Annex: Pictures of the infrastructure enhancements


[1] Pictures of the infrastructure enhancements can be found in the Annex enclosed.

[2] The Art Faculty is a platform to promote the special talents of people with autism and related challenges. It features the artwork and merchandise of talented students and alumni of Pathlight School who are in the school’s Artist Development Programme (ADP). Visit www.theartfaculty.sg for more information.

[3] Examples include tactile pavings, Braille and ramps