Regular checks on vehicles are mandatory

Media Replies
5 Oct 2015

We thank Mr Soh Ah Yuen for his letter (“Ensure old cars are safe for use” ; last Monday).

In Singapore, vehicle owners are required to send their vehicles for regular vehicle inspections to ensure that they maintain their vehicles in roadworthy conditions to minimise potential hazards to all road users.

The frequency of inspection increases as the vehicles become older.

For a private car, the first inspection is required when the car reaches three years. Subsequently, it is to be inspected once every two years until the 10th year.

Cars above 10 years must be inspected once a year.

During the inspection, vehicles are assessed on the conditions and serviceability of key components, including the brakes, wheel alignment and lighting.

Any vehicle that does not pass the inspection will not be able to renew its road tax and, hence, will not be allowed for use on the roads.

Helen Lim (Ms)
Director, Media Relations
Land Transport Authority