Installation of Half Height Platform Screen Doors Pasir Ris Station

News Releases
12 Aug 2009


1. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is pleased to inform that the installation of the half height platform screen door has progressed smoothly, with the first set of doors being installed at the Pasir Ris MRT Station. The remaining 47 sets of doors will be installed progressively each night at Pasir Ris.

2. Pasir Ris, Jurong East and Yishun MRT stations are the first group of above-ground MRT stations on the North South East West Line (NSEWL) to be fixed with half height platform screen doors.

3. The shipment of doors for Yishun and Jurong East will arrive and installation at these two stations will start later this month and in September 2009 respectively.

4. Installation works and testing and commissioning activities at these three stations are slated for completion by December 2009.

5. Works at the remaining 33 above-ground stations of the NSEWL will be carried out progressively from 2010. These stations will be fitted with half height platform screen doors by 2012.

Commuters' Safety is Key

6. As the work will be carried out on operational stations over a period of time, the LTA and its contractor, together with SMRT, will take necessary measures to ensure the safety of commuters during the installation period.

7. Signages will be displayed at the stations and platforms to inform commuters of the in-progress installation works, while authorised staff will be around to provide necessary assistance. Messages will also be broadcast more frequently over the station public announcement system to remind commuters not to step over the yellow line.

8. LTA seeks the commuter's cooperation and understanding in ensuring their own personal safety during this period.

Background on Half Height Platform Screen Door

9. The installation of half height platform screen doors at above-ground MRT stations of the NSEWL is an initiative introduced in the Land Transport Master Plan launched in 2008. It aims to enhance commuters' safety and reduce the incidence of track intrusions. Under this installation programme, all above-ground MRT stations of the NSEWL will be fitted with half-height platform screen doors by 2012.

10. The contract to install the half height platform screen doors and associated works was awarded to Singapore Technologies Electronics Ltd in August 2008.