LTA to Purchase 100 Three-Door Buses

News Releases
15 May 2018

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) called a tender today to purchase 100 three-door buses.

100 Three-Door Buses

2.  Based on the positive feedback from commuters and encouraging results of the recent three-door bus trials, LTA will purchase 100 three-door buses which will be deployed on the road in 2020. This will allow LTA to better assess suitability for fleet-wide implementation, and also replace ageing buses in the fleet.

Three-Door Bus Pilot in 2017

3.  As part of the earlier trials, a three-door double-deck bus was operated by Tower Transit on Service 143 from March to September last year and a three-door single-deck bus was operated by SMRT on Service 190 and Service 901 from June 2017 to January 2018.

4.  Commuters welcomed the additional door on the buses as it made boarding and alighting from buses smoother and quicker. To further improve commuter flows and shorten journey times, LTA will explore feasible improvements to the current bus designs with bus suppliers.