LTA and SMRT Award Contracts for New Trains and Re-Signalling Project

News Releases
1 Feb 2012

Rail Capacity of Existing Lines to be Enhanced

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has awarded the contracts to purchase 18 North East Line (NEL) trains and 16 Circle Line (CCL) trains to enhance rail capacity in the coming years. Separately, SMRT has also awarded the contract to upgrade the signalling system of the North South East West Line (NSEWL), so that trains can call more frequently at the stations during peak periods.

Additional trains for NEL & CCL

2 LTA has awarded the contracts for the procurement of the additional NEL and CCL trains to Alstom Transport S.A / Alstom Transport (S) Pte Ltd Consortium at a value of S$234.9 million and $134 million respectively.

3 The NEL will receive 18 new trains, instead of 12 as previously announced. The 18 new trains will be delivered progressively from 2015. They will cater to projected demand and increase the NEL's peak capacity by about 70 per cent.

4 The peak capacity of the CCL will also increase by about 40 per cent with 16 new trains added progressively from 2015. The additional trains will provide the capacity needed to meet ridership growth and enhance service levels of the CCL.

Upgrading Works on Signalling System On Track for Completion in Phases from 2016

5 The re-signalling of the NSEWL is on track for completion in phases from 2016, following SMRT's award of the contract to Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd at a value of $195 million. LTA has also awarded the contract for for the signalling of the Tuas West Extension at $40.3 million.

6 The upgrade of the signalling system will allow trains to run at intervals of 100 seconds at peak periods, compared to the existing intervals of 120 seconds. This would translate to shorter waiting times for commuters and a potential 20 per cent improvement to the existing capacity.

7 LTA and the Public Transport Operators are committed to the timely completion of the projects, so that commuters may enjoy the benefits of such capacity enhancement to existing lines.