Harnessing Technology to Deliver Better Rail Reliability for Commuters

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20 Aug 2018

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has awarded an S$18.8 million contract to a Siemens Pte Ltd and ST Engineering Electronics Limited consortium to develop and implement a Rail Enterprise Asset Management System (REAMS).

Using Data Analytics for Smart Maintenance and Asset Renewal

2.  LTA currently tracks asset information using multiple systems on individual lines. REAMS will integrate asset information and maintenance records across the entire rail system, so that the health of the various operating assets can be monitored holistically over their respective lifecycles. REAMS will also be equipped with data analytics capabilities to monitor asset performance, identify potential faults before they occur, so that assets can be repaired or renewed pre-emptively. This shift towards data-driven just-in-time predictive maintenance and asset renewal is key to bringing rail reliability to the next level, and optimising overall lifecycle costs. Please see Annex for an overview of REAMS’ objectives and functions.

First introduced on Downtown Line

3.  The implementation of REAMS will start with the Downtown Line (DTL). The consortium will develop a software platform that will house and analyse data from DTL’s maintenance management system, its fleet of 92 trains and across six systems[1] that are critical to DTL’s efficient operation. The core functions of REAMS are expected to be operational by mid-2020. Other rail lines will be added to REAMS in phases thereafter.

4.  LTA is confident that the consortium’s deep experience with Singapore’s rail operating environment will enable it to successfully develop and implement REAMS, and to provide long-term support for the system.

Annex: Overview of REAMS’ objectives and functions

[1] The six systems are the power supply system, signalling system, communications system, integrated supervisory control system, trackwork, and platform screen doors.