Cause of cracks on road surface along Adam Road

News Releases
1 Jun 2018

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has completed its investigations into the cracks that appeared on the road surface along a stretch of Adam Road (towards Queensway) this morning.

2.  The affected stretch of this road is a temporary section diverted to facilitate the ongoing construction of the Lornie Highway.

3.  The cracks were caused by water which had accumulated at the roadside due to the heavy rain and seeped under the road base. The built-up pressure from the water caused the temporary section of the road to heave, thus resulting in the cracks on the road surface (please refer to the Annex for an explanation on how the water had caused the road to heave). Based on LTA’s investigations, these cracks were not caused by the nearby construction works, and do not pose any structural risks.

4.  Upon detecting the cracks at 8am today, the affected lanes were immediately closed to facilitate repairs. LTA has since drained the water under the road base and ascertained that the road is safe for use before re-opening the lanes at about 9.55am today.

5.  Safety is of paramount importance to LTA. To prevent any further similar incidents, LTA’s contractor has implemented preventative measures to ensure water is drained away at all times to reduce the risk of accumulation of water at the road side.

Pictorial on Road Heaving at Adam Rd