Factsheet: Enhancing the Efficiency of Security Checks at Public Transport Nodes

News Releases
5 Apr 2019

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Enhancing the Efficiency of 
Security Checks at Public Transport Nodes

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is testing the use of mass security screening equipment such as the Human Security Radar to complement existing security measures at public transport nodes. Human Security Radar was deployed for the first time during Exercise Station Guard carried out today at Jurong East MRT interchange.

2          The Human Security Radar is a fully-automatic walk-through system that can screen multiple persons for suspicious items in real-time without disrupting people flow. Its trial underscores LTA’s ongoing efforts to leverage technology to enhance the efficiency of security checks at public transport nodes.

3          During Exercise Station Guard, MRT commuters entering Jurong East interchange were directed through the Human Security Radar or through metal detectors and X-ray machines. The systems are certified to be safe for the human body, and are compliant with international safety standards.

Human Security Radar deployed at Jurong East interchange during Exercise Station Guard

4          Exercise Station Guard is a regular emergency preparedness exercise carried out with the public transport operators in support of the national SGSecure movement to strengthen the resilience and security of our public transport network. Through these exercises, LTA reviews and validates the public transport operators’ security measures, contingency plans and operational readiness in response to potential security threats to public transport nodes.