New Three-Dimensional Traffic Calming Markings to Trial at Whampoa Drive

News Releases
5 Dec 2018

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LTA will trial new three-dimensional (3D) traffic calming markings at the Whampoa Drive Silver Zone in end December 2018. These markings are adopted from Japan, and are intended to encourage motorists to reduce their speed because of the perceived narrower lane width. The trial will help LTA assess the effectiveness of these new markings. Please refer to Annex A for details on the 3D traffic calming markings.

2          The trial is part of the Silver Zone scheme which was first announced at the Committee of Supply debate in 2014. The scheme is found to be effective as the accident rates within Silver Zones have been reduced by almost 75%[1]. LTA has completed 15 Silver Zones and there are ongoing works for another 10 Silver Zones. Other road safety features that are localised to each Silver Zone include chicanes[2], pinch points with ramp-downs, roundabouts, raised junctions, centre dividers, additional crossings etc. LTA implements senior-friendly road safety features at areas with a high proportion of senior residents and senior amenities such as medical establishments.


[1] Accidents have decreased from 14 cases to 4 cases per year (on average) in the 15 completed Silver Zones.

[2] The chicane introduces horizontal deflections in the form of curves on a straight section of road. This encourages motorists to reduce their speeds while manoeuvring through.