Temporary MRT Service Disruption

News Releases
1 Sep 2010

1     The public is advised that there will not be any train services operating between Jurong East and Clementi Stations on 4 & 5 September weekend. This is due to the Land Transport Authority (LTA)'s turnout installation works on the Jurong East Modification Project (JEMP) at Jurong East Station. Please refer to Annex A for more information on the JEMP and its benefits to the commuters.

2     Commuters are advised to avoid travelling to the affected areas on the two days. Commuters who need to travel to these areas are strongly encouraged to plan their journey and make use of the following alternative transport options:

    a    Alternate Train Route
Commuters can continue their journey by train using the North-South Line (NSL). Please refer to Annex B for examples of alternative train routes.

Train frequency for the North-South-East-West Line will be improved from the current 6 - 8 minutes to 4.5 minutes over the weekend all day.

    b     Existing Bus Services
LTA will closely monitor the ground situation, and work with SBS Transit and SMRT Buses to beef up bus services serving the affected areas where necessary. Commuters can check the PublicTransport@SG portal (publictransport.sg) for information on these bus services.

    c     Bus Bridging Service
LTA and SMRT will provide free bus bridging services to ferry commuters between Jurong East and Clementi Stations. Please refer to Annex C for more information on the bus bridging services. Commuters are advised to consider the additional time required for the transfer from train to the bridging bus and vice versa, when they plan their journeys.

Please refer to Annex D for the estimated travel time for some popular origins and destinations using the different transport options.

3     Messages on the service disruption dates and affected stations will be broadcast over LTA Traffic News. Information is also available on the LTA corporate site (lta.gov.sg), PublicTransport@SG portal and SMRT website (smrt.com.sg).

4     Members of the public can also call the following hotlines for information and assistance:

a) LTA 1800 - CALL LTA (1800 225 5582)
b) SMRT at 1800-336 8900

5     More than 400 LTA and SMRT staff will be at affected stations to provide assistance to commuters this weekend.

6     Train service will resume on the following Monday. Commuters may experience a slower train speed over the re-jointed stretches over the next few days, as the system is tuned to its full performance capacity.

7     The second and last service disruption will be on the weekend of 18 & 19 September. There will not be any train services operating between Jurong East and Bukit Batok Stations during this period.


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