Factsheet: Trial of LED Light Strips

News Releases
9 May 2017

As part of efforts to provide pedestrian-friendly features, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will test the use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) light strips at signalised pedestrian crossings in a six-month trial.

2          The light strips, which have been implemented at two pedestrian crossings located at the junction of Buyong Road and Orchard Road, near the Istana; and the Victoria Street crossing outside Bugis Junction, will be switched on today. These crossings were chosen as they are located near popular amenities frequented by a high volume of pedestrians across different demographics, such as youth and elderly pedestrians.

3          The light strips are embedded in pavements near the edge of the crossing, and will operate in unison with the pedestrian traffic lights to switch between steady green, flashing green and steady red signals. When the Green-man signal is on to indicate pedestrians’ right of way, the light strips will show a steady green. When the lights are about to change, the strips will adopt the flashing green signal to warn pedestrians that it is unsafe to proceed. When the Red-man signal is on, the light strips will be steady red to draw the attention of pedestrians, warning them not to cross.
4          The six-month trial will allow LTA to study whether the LED light strips are useful in encouraging pedestrians to focus on the traffic signals at pedestrian crossings, and whether they are suitable for Singapore’s local context and climate. Site observations and analysis, as well as public perception surveys will be conducted during the trial period to seek publics’ views on the light strips’ effectiveness.